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DC/DC converters for pulse loads

MDA series of converters is designed with the purpose to optimize the systems of power supply of consumers with clear dynamic nature of load.

Some original solutions resulted in significantly quicker feedback and thereby allowed to reduce the necessary volume of capacitive storage both in the source and the power supply system as a whole.

Solutions based on power modules of MDA series benefit both in weight/dimensional specifications and in total reliability of the system.

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Item Power Dimensions Input voltage range Rated output voltage Typical efficiency
MDA500 340 W 105,1x38x19,85 mm 28(22...33) VDC
60(44...66) VDC
300(270...330) VDC
7.5; 9; 12,5; 28; 36; 40; 50 VDC 92%
500 W 28; 36; 40; 50 VDC