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Ultra low profile (MDRm)

Despite small size the maximum output power of ultra-compact Hi-Rel DC/DC converters of MDRm series can reach up to 200 W. This product has power density up to 120 W/in3 and is able to operate in a wide range of temperatures (–60...+125°C), it has remote on/off function and full range of protections: current overload, short circuit and thermal protection.

Item Power Dimensions Input voltage range Rated output voltage Typical efficiency
MDRm25 15 W
25 W
30х20,2х10,2 mm 9...36 VDC
18...75 VDC
3,3 VDC
12 VDC
15 VDC
24 VDC
27 VDC
48 VDC
MDRm50 40 W
50 W
40х30,2х10,2 mm
MDRm100 75 W
100 W
47,5х33,2х10,2 mm 87%
MDRm160 120 W
160 W
57,5х40,2х10,2 mm 88%