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Miniature isolated DC/DC converters

MDN is a series of step-down isolated converters that provide consumer power capacity from 1 up to 10 W with high efficiency that are able to operate within ambient temperature range between -60°C and +85°C.

These items are manufactured in standard metal and plastic SIP6 and SIP8 cases, as well as a case-less design version with compound potting.

Converters of MDN series differ from the most of their analogues by a wider range of operating temperatures and higher efficiency.

Item Power Dimensions Input voltage range Rated output voltage Typical efficiency
MDN5 2 W
3 W
5 W

22,3х12,1х9,8 mm

5 VDC (4,5…9 VDC)

12 VDC (9…18 VDC)

24 VDC (18…36 VDC)

48 VDC (36…75 VDC)

3,3 VDC
12 VDC
15 VDC
MDN10 10 W

22,3х12,1х10 mm

12 VDC (9…18 VDC)

12 VDC (9…36 VDC)

24 VDC (18…36 VDC)

24 VDC (18…75 VDC)

48 VDC (36…75 VDC)


These products have been designed by KW Systems, LLC and are produced by AEDON, LLC based on the decision of back-up production.