Under the management of NPO Energy Electronics

Development and production of
power systems of industrial
and special purpose

+7 473 200-87-80

Global operations unit

Ivan Artemov, export manager

+7 473 200 87 80 (ext. 296)

Pavel Dudov, export manager

+7 473 200 87 80 (ext. 295)

Customer Support Service

Our engineers are able to solve all technical issues by phone or email.

Dmitry Kuznetsov, Head of Customer Support Service

+7 (473) 251-95-18 DKuznetsov@aedon.ru

Our distributors

Precision Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore


Rebutor Electronics Pvt Ltd, India


Foo Kee Electronics Limited, Hong Kong and China


We apply the highest requirements to our representatives. To start cooperation please contact our global operations unit.